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Most of the postcards I’ve found are undated. A copyright date was not typically included, perhaps to give the cards a longer shelf life in the drugstore or tourist destination.
Fortunately, if the card had been mailed, it usually included a postmark with the date. That doesn’t tell us precisely when the picture was tak- en, but it does indicate that it was taken before the date on the post- mark and postcards typically are sold within a couple years of creation. Most cards in this book were dated using the postmark or copyright date if there is one. In some cases the date is based on similar cards that appear to be from the same time period by the same publisher.
Many of the cards were uncredited as to the photographer or publish- er. If I could determine the origin of the photo, I included that infor- mation under the picture. Some postcards could be one-of-a-kind. It was common at the time for amateur photographers to print their own pictures on paper that had generic postcard markings on the back.
For the most part, the pictures are organized as if you were taking a tour, with one picture naturally leading you to the next. I’ve included a map at the end to help if you want to check out the scenes yourself.
I hope that you have as much fun comparing the scenes recreated in this book as I had putting it together. Enjoy your then-and-now journey
—David Tank
into Menomonie’s past.
Publisher/Photographer Unknown PM 1909

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