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I love imagining how places looked in the past. As I walk down the street I try to picture what I’d have been looking at if I was standing in that same spot a century or 50 years ago.
My approach to taking the pictures for this book was to stand in exactly the same spot where the original photographer had stood when the first picture was taken. Being off by even a few feet meant that I couldn’t match the images precisely.
Publisher/Photographer Unknown
Sometimes finding the spot to stand was easy. It’s hard to get it wrong when recreating the pictures taken from the UW-Stout bell tower.
Other times, find- ing the precise location was a challenge, thanks to changes in the ter- rain, roadways and lack of existing landmarks.
The popularity of picture postcards, beginning in the early 1900s, has left us with a wonderful record of life over the past dozen decades. Postcard pho- tographers weren’t af- ter artist shots. Their goal was to capture images of contempo- rary, day-to-day, public life. “This is what I saw today” was a com- mon thought written on the back of these photographic time cap- sules.

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